Covid-19? Leamatic contactless!

The contactless tap: zero contact, zero bacteria transmission.

Washing the hands frequently, a simple but of great effectiveness action to face the Corona Virus spreading. This is what the Ministry of Health and Higher Institute of Health is recommending.

“Washing the hands has the scope to grant an adequate hands hygiene and cleaning through a mechanical action. A common soap is enough”. This is what the institutional document is saying. Besides this very practical measure – as the granny recommendations – a further action: the rooms and ambiences cleaning, particularly the contact surfaces. If possible, better is to avoid contact. Never as now during the Covid-19 in the bathroom environment contactless technologies are very precious to strengthen safety.

Contactless: what does it mean?

Literally the meaning is “Without contact”. Contactless technologies are united from operating systems that don’t need physical or skin contacts. Generally the operation action is possible thanks to infra-red rays. This is the new contactless tap (or touchless tap) manufactured from Fratelli Frattini.

Leamatic, the contactless tap born for the community places.

Hygiene and prevention an ideal solution designed by Fratelli Frattini: from our research and development department Leamatic is born to grant safety and water saving thanks to its innovative technology . Something new symbolizing future, something antique remembering its past and the Italian origin: Leamatic, as well as our other different brand collections, is sharing design, quality and innovation.

Water flow is activated by approaching the hands toward the tap.

A gesture limiting the water and energy consumption to the real needs, thanks to the automatized water activation and stop. Leamatic is also supplied with an anti-vandalism device which stops the flow after 60 seconds of water supply. No need of specific maintenance, easy to install it is powered by stylus batteries, unlike most other models on the market, generally powered from the power grid. The autonomy of the battery power grants 250.000cycles. Electronic is completely isolated since this is handled to resin, protecting from the water splashes and humidity created in the bathroom.

This is an elegant tap, which shape is characterized from a linear profile, with an hidden aerator. Modern design makes it suitable to every ambience: bathroom, hotels, communities or private. Leamatic helps to grant hygiene since, without contact with surfaces it reduces the bacteria transmission. Just one minute, water and soap to better protect the person. For themselves and for the others.

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