Made in Italy , 0 kilometres

The history of F.lli Frattini is an history of passion, intelligence and foresight.

The history of a family with commitment and passion for over sixty year has held up the name of Made in Italy, standing out among the Italian tap for initiatives that favour the production and cooperation on the territory. The challenge of our company, today manufacturer’s leader in the tap and shower systems for bathroom and kitchen, began back in 1958 in a laboratory placed in the village of San Maurizio d’Opaglio, nearby the Lago d’Orta. Here, where the water has been the undisputed protagonist and constant source of inspiration from centuries, the brothers Pier Luigi, Benito and Giuseppino Frattini, supported and assisted by their father Maurizio, wrote the first chapters of an artisanal story made of quality and innovation. Today the company is managed by the second generation (with the supervision of Giuseppino), driven by the intact and original spirit, as well as the mission: offer long-lasting and quality Italian taps ready to furnish with style home spaces which are more and more the meeting point between functionality and aesthetic.

Italy is the place that inspirated the big artists in the past appreciated all over the world for their works. Also today culture and creative sensibility are present in our company, and allow us to manufacture objects that can last during the time thanks also to the style of the beauty and originality. This is a current issue and in the last year all over the world, both music and sports are speaking Italian. A golden moment for our Country a sort of “new Renaissance” where the real made in Italy manufacturer companies are ready to face new extraordinary opportunities. A challenge that Fratelli Frattini is ready to deal with renovated passion thanks to its strong decades of experience and credibility gained in the sector. For the company creativity matches with quality, a quality verified closely.

Italian taps: 100% national production chain

Fratelli Frattini cares every process phase of the product, from project to its finishing, undertaking material, design, prototypes and finished products to severe tests and check cycles. The production is totally internal and every stage is followed with precision and care. On one side the tap compartment for some time now has the market threatened from emerging competitors offering copies of brand and Made in Italy products and on the other side companies have decided to market or relocate production to cut the costs. Fratelli Frattini has decided as a company policy to focus on the real Italian made product. The extraordinary quality of Fratelli Frattini products is given not only from the building excellence but also from first quality choice raw material employed and a further commitment as guarantee from Fratelli Frattini to its customers. Fratelli Frattini has a particular care towards the whole product chain, using Italian materials components and suppliers. Fratelli Frattini is a zero kilometres Italian manufacturer of taps. Plastic moulding, working, assembling, testing and packing are all work stages inside the company or at least within few kilometres far from the company, here on the Lago d’Orta surroundings.

Eco-friendly tap manufacturers: from the product to the lake contract

Another undisputed value is the attention that the company has been paying for years to eco-sustainability and energy saving. This commitment both during product development and manufacturing as well as in the company policy choices. All Fratelli Frattini taps are attentive to consumption. The company has decided to supply all the basin and bidet mixer of the main series with aerators 6 Lt./min. A real water saving device. In addition to that we have to consider the first complete stainless steel collection by F.lli Frattini, designed from BMB project and manufactured with the AISI 316L Stainless Steel alloy. Corrosion, traction, use and heat resistant, stainless steel is an anti-bacteria and hygienic material, free from dangerous substances and 100% recyclable, thus eco-friendly. “The choice to develop stainless steel taps” explain Michela Frattini, chief of Communication and Marketing, “allow us to answer a market niche in the residential buildings more attentive to aesthetic”. “In a world where the consumer choices are moving toward eco-sustainability we like to think that stainless steel can offer opportunity to environment and will be for taps as the electric cars will be in the auto-motive world. The eco-friendly vocation of the company in the latest years has reflected also in supporting an important project born in the territory of the “Cusio”, our area, which groups municipalities, associations, institutions and companies united to safeguard the local eco-system. "We are one of the first signatory of the Lake contract” says Frattini “ an innovative project supporting the environment, to foster a widespread environment awareness aiming to preserve the hydrogeological and physical-biological basin of the lake. Our company facilities are located on the Lago d’Orta shores, the water is belonging to us and it is in our DNA, therefore we understand very well how precious is to preserve and safeguard.” This is the best way to keep faith to the original spirit of the history started on the shores of the lake 63 years ago and transformed rapidly to synonym of passion, experience and innovation all over the world.