“Inside Out” Photography project

Revealing the invisible complexity of the tap

What we expect when we turn the handle of a tap? Obviously the water. Behind this simple gesture there is a complex world that we usually ignore. With the photography project “Inside Out”, Frattini is trying to change this perception, inviting to discover the invisible mechanics of a tap.

The invisible complexity: a universe inside the tap

"Inside Out” is an evocative title capturing the essence of the project, it suggests the idea of inversion, unveiling. The name of this initiative reflects the inspiration to go beyond the external appearance, to deeply explore the intimate internal structures, operation and the hidden complexity of Frattini taps. The finely studied components reveal a reality that we take for granted, transforming the tap from a simple daily use object into a mosaic of design and engineering.

The photographic project: beyond the obvious beauty

At the heart of "Inside Out" is the art of photographer Matteo Vecchi. Through his lens, each Frattini piece is disassembled and its parts photographed in a geometric arrangement. The process not only highlights the internal structure of the taps but creates a unique work of art. Matteo Vecchi has carefully chosen the main actors of his project, products of the Borgia, Lucrezia, Dedra, Pepe XL and Narciso collections, all selected for their aesthetic and the uniqueness of the details. In his work of deconstruction, Matteo has given new harmonious life to the representation of the tap. Their images are a hymn to the lines, volumes and shapes. Each photograph is a visual symphony catching the eyes, inviting us to look beyond the appearance and discover the beauty hidden in everyday life.

Matteo Vecchi: the artist of the images of Inside Out

Matteo Vecchi, the artist behind the project “Inside Out” has a deep love for photography based in his first experiences with a Polaroid 600. Despite his nostalgic affection for techniques almost forgotten in the digital age, Vecchi does not hesitate to experiment with new ways. His photographic exploration of Cambodia, for example, was done largely with a smartphone, demonstrating that true art lies in the eye of the beholder, not in the medium used. During his career, Matteo Vecchi touched an ample variety of subjects from still-life photography to food-phtography, with important cooperation with MMR brands as Metro and Coop. His bigger passion nevertheless is architectural photography, a love that has occasion to express during his commitment for the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona. In the project “Inside Out”, Vecchi reveals a new aspect of his talent: transforming the sanitary taps of Frattini, object of common use, in visual artworks, reminds us that beauty can be found even in the most unexpected places.