Borgia: the innovation for your kitchen

Synergy of ecology and technology for a sustainable future

The single-hole kitche mixer Borgia manufactured from Fratelli Frattini is the winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022 in the “KITCHEN” category. The prize one of the most prestigious in the design section, has been given to Borgia for its combination between beauty, functionality and sustainability.

The mixer design from Bellucci e Mazzoni progetti a team of young designer founded in 2012 from Guido Bellucci and Francesco Mazzoni, represent a top solution for those who want to have a steel with ecological and sustainability qualities, without sacrificing aesthetic. The event, tribute to design excellence, has been placed in Milan in the historical Padiglione Visconti in Tortona street the 23rd November 2022 and Borgia stood out among hundreds of other products. In this article we explore the features and advantages of Borgia mixer, focusing on ecological and sustainable aspects of steel, the products of which is made of.

Design and features of Borgia

Borgia is a masterpiece of design matching elegance and functionality, offering an innovative solution for the kitchen spaces. The ergonomic handle allows an easy temperature and water flow control, making the food preparation a greater experience. Thanks to the flexible hose manufactured with black nylon, the movable handshower offers a great flexibility of a daily use, allowing you to fill pots and wash vegetables easily and comfortably. Care of the details and manufacturing precision make it an high quality product, to last over time without losing its performances. Brushed steel gives it an elegant and refinished aspect and to the touch it has a material effect reminiscent of a fabric and its appearance is capable of enriching and enhancing any kitchen environment. Furthermore, the use of sustainable materials demonstrates Fratelli Frattini's commitment to environmental sustainability, without compromising product performance. The Borgia kitchen mixer makes elegance and practicality its strengths, capable of making the preparation of meals a more pleasant and functional experience.


Borgia is made of AISI 316L stainless steel (“L” stands for low carbon content) a sustainable material par excellence, which guarantees resistance to corrosion and wear. Compared to other metals, steel is durable, robust, long-lived and 100% recyclable. Furthermore, it is hygienic and antibacterial because thanks to its non-porous surface it offers an excellent barrier against impurities making cleaning easier. The cutting-edge technology used in the production of Borgia involves the use of precision machinery that guarantees the highest quality of the finished product. Thanks to the choice of materials and the technology, Borgia kitchen mixer is a resistant, long-lasting and high quality product.


Borgia represents not only an example of sustainable design, but also a proof to the potential and future of design oriented towards sustainability. Products like this demonstrate how it is possible to combine functionality, aesthetics and sustainability, helping to create a world that is more aware and respectful of the environment.