2-way built-in body
2-way built-in body

2-way built-in body

SystemBox Mod: 98014

Built-in body 2-way bath mixer with ceramic discs
System Box of F.lli Frattini is the innovative system of built-in mixer to solve the problem of the immediate selection of the mixers to be installed. We invite you to explore the area “CHOOSE YOUR SHOWER”, click on top left menu. **All pictures of products and finishes in our website are not binding since purely representing the products which may be submittet to changes

FINISHING 9801400 Chrome Plated

  • Finishing Chrome Plated
  • Finishing Chrome Gold
  • Finishing Bronze
  • Finishing Chrome Plated
  • Finishing Stainless Steel
  • Finishing Inox
  • Finishing Matt White
  • Finishing Matt Black
  • Finishing Brushed Gold
  • Finishing Chrome  Black
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